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Why Rent Your Storage Unit When You Can Own It?

Storage Emporium of Medford Oregon is Located in Central Point which is just outside of Medford. We offer everything for your storage needs from Mini Storage Units to Portable Storage Units delivered to your site.

We make storage easy! What sets us apart from everyone else? Our Portable Storage units (PSU) come in 3 standard sizes, 8×12-8×16 and 8×20. Once you have determined which size suits your needs, we will deliver the Portable Storage Unit (PSU) to your location and you will sign a month to month contract with us. Our units are easy and hassle free to acquire utilizing our rent / rent to own, purchase or 6 months same as cash options to get you the storage that you need. When you are ready for delivery, we will bring the unit to your location. Please ask about available options for customizing your Portable Storage Unit to completely fit your needs.

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Portable Storage Containers vs Metal Shipping Containers



Our Portable Storage Units are

    1. Constructed in Oregon by Oregonians. All of our materials and supplies are purchased locally from American manufacturers and suppliers. Made in America.
    2. Aesthetically and visually pleasing to the eye. Our customers routinely tell us how great they look.
    3. Durable wood construction that is coated with rubberized elastomeric coating for the ultimate in exterior moisture protection.
    4. Built so that the interior is resistant to moisture, mold, mildew, condensation, and of course leak free.
    5. Constructed with “radiant barrier siding” that helps the unit acclimate to just a few degrees below or above outside ambient temperature.
    6. Customized easily by you or us to meet your desired specifications for your particular needs. All you need are simple carpentry tools.
    7. Roofed with a seamless single ply roofing membrane that carries an energy star rating for its reflective properties. No roof leaks!
    8. Easily moved. Whether in your driveway or in a field, your PSU can be placed anywhere you like.
    9. So durable that they can withstand a roll over at 55 miles per hour on i-5 over the Siskiyou summit. We have the unit on display at our facility and with exception to the roll up door, the unit it completely intact and serviceable.
    10. Easy and hassle free to acquire utilizing our rent / rent to own, purchase or 6 months same as cash options to get you the storage that you need. Call or email us for more information.


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Their Metal Shipping Containers are

    1. Constructed overseas with all materials and labor originating from china or other areas outside America.
    2. Are paint scraped, chipped, scratched, faded, dented, rusted and who knows what color you will get…burnt orange, blue, yellow, red or ????
    3. Prone to all of the problems listed above in #2, plus possible punctures & gouges that require thin gauge welding skills, not an easy job.
    4. Very prone to moisture, mold, mildew, condensation and leaking. In fact, they “sweat like a sauna” in the winter.
    5. A big steel box (like the oven in your kitchen) so “it bakes like an oven” in the summer reaching temperatures above 130-140+ degrees depending on outside temperature.
    6. Hard to customize unless you are very comfortable working with sheet metal and have plenty of band aids and gauze on hand and possibly tetanus shot for rust cuts.
    7. Stacked high on ships compromising the roofs integrity possibly resulting in punctures, weld and seem fractures and you will never know for sure until the first rain.
    8. Cumbersome and very costly to move. In fact, if it is full… You will have to empty it before you can move it unless of course you have a 25+ ton fork lift.
    9. Durable yes, but if you damage it call your local body shop to fix it…you can guess how much that might cost.
    10. Expensive to rent and move and if you want to buy one…get out the checkbook to pay for the whole unit up front.

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