Rent to Own

Wow!! How much money will you save by “Renting to Own” your storage unit? Whether you are a business owner or a home this approach can save you a ton of money.

This option applies to our Portable Storage Units (PSU). Once you have loaded your unit you have two options for storing it, your location or ours.

If you choose to store the PSU at your site, then 50% of your monthly payment is applied to your account for future purchase if you so decide. However, if you choose to store at our site, then 25% of your monthly payment is applied to your account. It’s that simple! No more throwing money down a black hole.

At termination of your monthly rental/lease agreement, you have 2 choices of what to do with your credit balance in your account.

1.) You may “walk away” once the PSU is emptied, in possession of the lessor, and all rents, fees and damages (if any) have been paid. The lessee forfeits all account balances and retains no rights to the PSU.


2.) You may pay off the contract balance. The lessee may pay the difference between the account balance and lease option/purchase price listed on your contract (as well as any outstanding rents and fees, if any). Lessee would then own PSU outright and lease contract would be satisfied for a $ 1.00 (one dollar) buy out.

We give you the best value in storage. That’s why we are “Storage Emporium…Your Storage Marketplace.”

Please call or email us for a quote and delivery times that are available in your area.