Portable Storage Units

How Our Program Works

At Portable Storage Medford we ask the question…Why rent your storage unit when you can own it? We are Southern Oregon’s first portable self owned storage system. We know the area and can deliver your new heavy duty PSU (portable storage unit) to just about any location that you need. Portable Storage Medford is located in Central Point, Oregon, just minutes from Medford Oregon and services the entire Rogue Valley and surrounding areas.

After being in the storage business for over fifteen years, we noticed that most people think they will have a storage unit for only 3 or 4 months …yet they keep it and throw money down a black hole for 3 or 4 years or more! Portable Storage Medford offers a better choice to save you money, “RENT TO OWN STORAGE”!

Unlike other Portable Storage Units, our units have no leaks because of our proprietary roofing membrane. Our units are constructed utilizing a heavy steel floor frame capable of handling over 20,000 pounds. Our units are cooler than normal because of the radiant barrier siding we use in the walls and ceiling during construction. Contact us for a smarter way to store your extra things. Why rent your storage when you can own it? Start saving money, reserve your unit with Portable Storage Medford today!

Our Portable Storage Units (PSU) come in 3 standard sizes, 8×12-8×16 and 8×20. Once You have determined which size suits your needs, We will deliver the PSU to your location. Once you have taken delivery and signed a month to month agreement, you can take as much time loading it as you would like. When you have finished loading the PSU, you have several options. 1.) you can keep the unit at your location, or 2.) call us to pick it up, using our “Always level lift” system. You can store it at our location at 94 W Vilas Road in Central Point, Oregon or we will deliver it anywhere you like. If you store at our location, you can access your unit just as you would at any typical storage facility…7:00am to 9:00pm year around.

Here’s how “RENT TO OWN STORAGE” works!

We offer 6 months same as cash to everyone! No credit check is required and we have no long term contracts! During the first 6 months if you decide you wish to purchase the storage unit, just pay off the balance and you own the storage unit with no extra fees or costs. However, if after 6 months you decide you would like to purchase the Portable Storage Unit but have not yet paid it off, we offer a few options for you:

  1. Your Site: If you choose to store the PSU at your site, then 50% of your monthly payment is applied to the purchase price.
  2. Our Site:If you choose to store at our site, then 25% of your monthly payment is applied to the purchase price.
    It’s that simple! No more throwing Money down a black hole.

Terminating or satisfying your agreement is simple. We offer 2 choices.

  1. You may “WALK AWAY” from this contract: Once the PSU is emptied and in possession of Lessor (us), and all rents, fees and damages (if any) have been paid for, Lessee (you) may terminate contract and forfeits all “purchase equity” and retains no rights to PSU. Just simply walk away.
  2. You may “PURCHASE / PAY OFF” contract balance: Lessee (you) may pay the difference between purchase credit options above and lease option/purchase price as well as any outstanding rents and fees. After the “6 months same as cash” option has expired, then 25% or 50% purchase equity terms you have accrued will be applied to the balance of the contract until paid in full.

For more information call (541) 664-7676 or email us.