Residential Mini Storage

mini storage unitsEveryone knows that we all have too much “stuff” and not enough room to store it. Whether its your husband or wife telling you to get rid of that “stuff”….it’s a hard thing to do. With our low prices we make it easy to hold onto those things”. If you just need a mini storage unit to put them, don’t go into the poor-house doing it. We understand…it’s human nature to hold onto your “stuff”.

If you have needs to store anything of a personal nature, Storage Emporium is the place to store with mini storage units ranging in five sizes from 8’x12′ to 10’x40′.

We have the capacity to store any personal item that you have. The list is long and varied as to what that may be for you, but we have seen just about everything under the sun from dolls to dirt bikes, brooms to boats, trinkets to travel trailers, mops to motor homes, and snow cone machines to snowmobiles…..You get the idea, if you need to store it in mini storage…we can help. That’s why we are “Storage Emporium….Your Storage Marketplace”