Commercial Mini Storage

At Storage Emporium, we have the capacity to handle just about any commercial need you may have. You see, we are the only storage facility in the southern Oregon region to offer our storage clients full use of a 5000 lb. Forklift to load and unload commercial or personal items.

All of our mini storage units at our main facility are oversized… 10×30 and 10×40 and larger when combined. Every mini storage unit has oversized doors and 12 foot ceilings to allow easy maneuvering of the forklift when loading and unloading.Hallway

Also, our facility has been designed to be user friendly for large semi trucks and trailers to easily access your mini storage unit area for loading and unloading. To this point, there has not been a truck and trailer combo that we have not been able to accommodate including doubles.

Why pay for expensive retail space to store your business inventory and goods. We have had clients that range from furniture and hot tub retailers to contractors and food brokers store at our facility. Frankly, there is not a business that we cannot accommodate. If you are a business storing with us, wouldn’t it be convenient to pick up your mail at the same time? With our Post Office Box Service we can make that happen. Need a place to store trucks, trailers or machinery? We can accommodate that at our outdoor storage facility.

Commercial mini StorageWhen it comes to your business storage needs, we can handle just about anything that’s why we are “Storage Emporium….Your Storage Marketplace”